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It's a challenging environment for retailers. In fact, a few years ago I thought our business wasn't going to make it because we just couldn't get enough customers into the store. Luckily we got a great website set up just in time and now we can barely keep up with business. We send items all across the world. Customers expect that after they buy something it gets to them quickly and in perfect condition so I've become very good at comparing shipping companies. That's why I decided to set up a blog to show how to compare shipping companies and choose the best one.

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Sending products around the world

Renovating Your House? Hire a Shipping Container for Temporary Furniture Storage

by Devon Griffin

There comes a time when every homeowner has to make some improvements to their house in form of a renovation. When the time comes, there is usually the challenge of needing a place to put all your furniture as the renovation works unfold. Most households do not have a storage shed or a garage large enough. That said, an easy option that you could explore is to hire a used shipping container unit. Read on to learn more.

Benefits of hiring a shipping container for this use

You could choose not to seek storage for your furniture as you go ahead with the renovation. Some people don't bother doing so. However, seeking outdoor storage for your items as you renovate your home has numerous benefits. They are:

  • Clear out the rooms to create more space for the construction work.
  • Prevent furniture damage during construction works. Your furniture can get damaged by paint, dust, water, concrete, etc.
  • Allow easier and faster construction work.

Why a shipping container

Shipping containers are great for this application for a number of reasons:

  • They are safe to store items in thanks to their rigid steel frame and waterproof design.
  • You can store the container right at home where it's easy to grab anything from the unit should you need it.
  • You can hire used shipping containers for as long as you need.

What to consider when hiring a container

  • The size of the container. There are numerous sizes available to fit your needs, be it a bathroom, a kitchen or the entire house. There are 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and mini containers (smaller than 10ft) available.
  • The condition of the unit. Shipping containers are available in different states. These are usually described using a grading system, from grade A to C. Grade A containers are usually in great condition while the latter grades deteriorate in succession.
  • Where to place the container. Depending on the size of the container you hire, identify where to have it placed upon delivery. The ideal site should be flat and close to the house for easy removal.

You can either hire a used shipping container in person by visiting a sales yard or you can order one online from a sales company. Once you're done with the unit, simply request a pick-up back to the supplying company as agreed upon. Alternatively, you could hang on to the unit for longer as you use it as an outdoor storage facility.